28 05 2008

We’ve figured out something about ourselves. If we don’t get our act together the night before, we futz around and waste time in the morning and then it’s too late to go very far from home. Sunday was that day, so instead we got our act together Sunday night so we could head to Ilwaco Memorial day morning.

The forecast was for high’s around 60f, 3′ swell, 2′ wind waves, NW wind to 10 knots gusting to 15 knots and 20% chance of showers. Part of the goal of this trip was to introduce Karen to some surf. We arrived at Cape Disappointment right about low tide and made our first stop at Waikiki. There was no surf! (well, maybe 6″ or so). I figured it would be small, given that it was low tide with a 3′ swell but this was silly!

We made our way over to the East side and launched about 1:30. There was virtually no current to fight against heading out past the Coast Guard Station. I thought we’d find some surf between the station and Jetty A, but once again we were kind of skunked. The surf was 1-2′ emphasis on the 1′.

Since nothing was holding our attention we made our way out to the end of A jetty. I tried to impress Karen with stories of how rough it can get in the rips at the end of the jetty but she just rolled her eyes and said let’s go around 😉 We didn’t, although I told her she could console herself with the knowledge that she could have gone around, and that she actually did paddle out past the end of the jetty!

After observing the Sea Lions hanging out on the “11” buoy, we turned around and made our way to Sand Island. I was hoping we would find a little surf, albeight dumping. We got lucky and found some 1-2′ surf, which was fun to practice maneuvering in and around.

After playing awhile we made our way South along the island. The current was now cooking through the wing dam at the southern tip, where a couple sea lions were busy eating their lunch. We gave them a wide berth, zipped into shore around the next wing dam and pulled in for lunch.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful as we worked our way up the east shore, though I did surprise Karen by jumping out of my boat so she could practice a rescue. Rounding the north side, we made our way back to the launch to complete the circumnavigation.

Wildlife sightings for the day included seals, sea lions, eagles, herons, loons, and brown pelicans. The conditions ended up as 2-3′ swell, no wind waves, west winds to 5 knots, temps and rain as predicted. Total distance was about 8 miles with lots of time spent playing along the way. Hopefully we’ll get a little bigger conditions at Netarts in two weeks!




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